The purpose of this role is to ensure that Plant equipment run minute to minute. He will be responsible for providing good out water for production

Develop, implement and manage preventive maintenance procedures, checklist and Standard procedures (SOP) of plant facilities to reduce damages and downtime.       

Transferring of technical knowhow of installed equipment through adequate training of subordinates

Ensuring that adequate spare parts of equipment are available in store

Review plant facilities design in order to improve productivity, safety and efficiency.


(IPE Factors: Impact & Innovation)

  • Production of Treated Portable water, reporting of jobs/decisions above my capacity to immediate Superior, Operating equipments within the plant
  • Report/ Seek for assistance from Quality Assurance Manager/other Quality Assurance Officer in case of any unclear observations or situations.
  • Maintenance of all equipment within the plant (Mechanical & Electrical), Repairs of all equipment within the plant, Backwashing of filtration tanks-manually
  • Dosing of water treatment chemicals, Sanitation [Washing of tanks and general cleaning of the environment], Plumbing jobs around the plant
  • Recharging of both Carbon and Sand Filters, Keeping of day-to-day daily records of activities, Responsible for water and diesel supply the Guest Houses with records.
  • Inventory of available and used chemicals, Sending of daily reports to appropriate personnel and offices.
  • Making recommendations in the areas of necessary improvement, Supervision of both I.T. Student and Tanker Drivers working at the plant, making requisition for spare parts and water treatment chemicals within my jurisdiction.
  • Filling of Water Quality Parameter worksheet, as required to ensure accuracy during each shift, maintenance of all equipment within the plant (Mechanical & Electrical)
  • Repairs of all equipment within the plant, supply of Diesel for running Generator Sets at Dam, repairs of all equipment within the plant (Mechanical & Electrical).


(Key Performance Indicators)

  • Ensure smooth running of all Water Treatment Machines.
  • Availability of Water for Production rate 100%
  • Keep records of all machines running hour
  • Keep a Database of all important date.
  • Carry-out preventive maintenance on all machine


(IPE Factor: Knowledge)

The ideal candidate:

  • The position requires a professional standard of knowledge to lead teams through functional/general expertise in performing his duties and associated functions.
  • BSC/HND in Mechanical Engineering
  • Minimum of 3-4 years working experience in related field.
  • Substantial experience in general plumbing or related work, with an emphasis in time management and employee relation.


In this position, the incumbent will have an opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge in the following areas;

  • Understanding the role of Utility technician in a strategic business environment
  • General Management