Our Hiring Process

We follow a streamlined and standard procedure in our hiring exercise.  This is to ensure all candidates are given equal opportunity to convince us of their suitability for the advertised role and to ensure that the best candidates are attracted.

Advertising the position

Once a position become available and required approval have been obtained, Human Resources will advertise the position, in local or regional newspapers or national publications. All arrangements for adverts are made through the Human Resource Manager. Adverts are approved by the Human Resources to ensure uniformity. Current employees who wish to apply for an advertised position must provide Human Resources with an application or CVs

Application Gathering

 This stage involves the acceptance of completed applications or CVs for consideration. All application and resumes must be for a specific posted position. Application and CVs will not be accepted unless a specific advertised position is stated. For every position advertised, we will specify the address or email where to send the CV to, or ask the candidates to submit their CV through our career center.  Please note that all applications and CV submitted through other means will not be considered.

Evaluation of Candidates

The Human Resource team evaluates all applications received based on stated job related experience, skills, education, and training according to job description criteria. The Human Resources Recruiter will refer qualified applications to the department where the vacancy exists. The Human Resource Manager and the interviewing supervisor review the applications sent from the Human Resources and select the most suitable qualified candidates for interviews. The selected candidates will be contacted by Human Resources to arrange an interview, which will be coordinated with the schedule of the interviewing supervisor.

The Interviewing Process

Based on the job type, candidate will go through a series of interviews and tests. One interview might be sufficient for some position while up to three interview sessions may be required for others.  In cases when we receive a lot of applications for a given position, then a filtering test shall be conducted to prune down the candidates to the most suitable set.  Also, some position may  require the candidate to undergo management profile test to ascertain the individual's fitness for the role in line with Fan Milk ideals and goals.

Selection of Candidate

After meeting the advertised and interviewing requirements, the selected candidate will be invited by the Human Resource Manager so that a background check can be initiated on that candidate.

Offering the Position

This is done only after the background check has been returned clear can a position be offered to a candidate.
Completing the Search

Once the offer has been accepted by the candidate, credentials and applications will be brought to the office of Human Resources for proper documentation before resumption of duty.