Introduction of Fantastic 500mls Malt and Vanilla Flavour
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Fan Milk Plc is proud to announce the introduction of two new flavours in the Fantastic yoghurt drink range. Fantastic Malt and Vanilla both in 500ml tetrapak sizes.

The Products are already available for sales nationwide.

Fantastic yoghurt Malt and Vanilla are rich in Potassium, Calcium, Protein and Vitamin B including B-12, Fat and Cabohydrate.
Yoghurt strenghtens and stabilizes the immune system .Yoghurt maximizes nutrients  that are easily absorbed into the body especially
Calcium. Fantastic Malt and Vanilla can be taken as a quick nutritious snack, which similarly to other milk and dairy foods offer many health benefits and provide many nutrients.

Fantastic Malt and Vanilla yoghurt drink is a suitable for  breakfast, lunch or as snack. It  is a drink made by the friendly natural bacterial fermentation of milk.  It is basically yoghurt drink with less fat.
Visit any of our outlet for purchase nationwide.

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At 13:35 June 08 2012, Sir.p said

Keep enriching Nigerians.... God bless FAN.

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