New Fan Icecream Double and Triple Treat
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Fan Milk Plc is happy to announce new treat in our Fine Icecream range - Fan Ice Double treat and triple treat.

FAN ICE DOUBLE TREAT contains two flavour in a tub (vanilla and strawberry) while FAN ICE TRIPLE TREAT contains three flavour in a tub (vanilla, strawberry and chocolate). Both is available in 1/2 litre,1 litre and 4 litre sizes.

Hurry buy yours now. Available for sales in all Fan Milk outlets throughout Nigeria.

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At 11:22 August 27 2013, bada damilola said

How much does fan milk ice cream tripple and double treat for 1 litres and 4 litres cost respectively?

At 23:25 February 04 2013, Ogbonnaya Joshua said

This comment has been found inappropriate and has therefore been rejected.

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