Rainy Season Promo!!!
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The Rainy Season is here and Fan Milk is rewarding its customers and vendors with a RAINY SEASON PROMO!

CUSTOMERS (Franchisers and Agents) who buy FROZEN Products, or a combination of FROZEN products, worth N250,000 on an invoice will get 1 BAG(90pieces) of FAN VANILLE (200MLS SACHET) free.

VENDORS who sell FROZEN products, or a combination of FROZEN products, worth N50,000 IN 2 WEEKS will get A PRIZE FROM FAN MILK (See Poster for details).

ONLY TOP 5 VENDORS WILL BE REWARDED…ONE HUNDRED TOP VENDORS will win SMART PHONES at the end of AUGUST, 2013.  Duration is from 1st of JULY, 2013 till 31ST AUGUST, 2013.

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