Web/Order Portal...a convenient way for customers booking.
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We are pleased to announce a new method of booking/ordering for products ... the web/order portal.
This method allow for collectiion of sales order from our numerous customers nationwide. This system allows our city managers to collect order from the customers right at their premises using ipad or other smartphone devices. Once the order is successfully submitted, it is followed quickly by an SMS and email confirmation to the customer and the processing of such orders continue like any order taken via the order office/call center.

In addition, willing customer can be registered to submit their own order using either ipad/smartphone device or from a PC browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.).  It has a simple and intuitive interface and only require a basic knowledge of internet browsing to use successfully. It takes a couple of minutes to submit a typical order of several items. This is a great step towards upgrading our operations in line with latest technologies and an important step as we move into a cashless era.

The order portal can be reached at order.fanmilk-nig.com and if you are a customer and willing to use this means to submit your order, please request for a login through your city manager or get in touch via the customer service by clicking here

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